• Number of Staff Required: 6

    (1 Head Dishwasher; 5 Dishwashers)

Position Outline

Provide support to kitchen staff through kitchen clean up and dishwashing.

Main Responsibilities

Head Dishwasher

  • Head of the dishwashing team.
  • Keep team on track.
  • Follow up on any problems.
  • Keep things moving in a timely fashion.
  • Follow public health guidelines.


  • Wash, disinfect and dry all dishes, cookware, pots, pans after meals
  • Assist in meal preparation clean up.
  • Available to kitchen staff for support and assistance.


  • Be at least 16 years of age for Jr. High and Junior Camp
  • Be at least 19 years of age for Teen Camp.
  • Exhibit the ability to place the needs of the campers and the camp above their own.
  • Team player that can relate positively to all staff, volunteers and campers.
  • Assumes all other duties and assignments deemed appropriate by the Camp Director and Program Director.
  • Aid program staff during activities and be an active part of all camp activities.