HVC Camp
Bruce-Saugeen Townline,
Paisley, ON N0G 2N0
Camp Coordinator: Mike Mackneer (647) 239-8085

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Directions to Camp

From St. Catharines approx: 3
h 9min Printable
(Via Gordon St., Wellington Road 7, Bruce Road 3 at Mildmay)
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1. Head north on Queen Elizabeth Way
About 45 mins
go 67.8 km

2. Take exit 100 for ON-403/ON-407 E toward Hamiliton/Brantford
About 1 min
go 1.3 km

3. Keep right at the fork, follow signs for ON-403/Hamilton/Brantford and merge onto ON-403 W
About 5 mins
go 7.6 km

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FROM HAMILTON (403 East or West) (back to top)
4. Take exit 74 to merge onto ON-6 N toward Guelph
About 23 mins
go 26.2 km

5. Continue onto Brock Rd S/County Road 46
About 20 mins
go 13.7 km

6. Continue onto Gordon St
About 2 mins
go 450 m

7. Continue onto Norfolk St
About 2 mins
go 900 m

8. Continue onto Woolwich St
About 6 mins
go 3.1 km

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FROM NORTH GUELPH (back to top)
9. Continue onto ON-6 N
About 3 mins
go 3.5 km

10. Turn left onto County Road 7
About 23 mins
go 21.6 km

11. Continue onto Elora St S/Regional Road 7
About 2 mins
go 1.3 km

12. Continue onto County Road 7
About 16 mins
go 17.5 km

13. Continue onto Elora St E/Regional Road 7
go 500 m

14. Continue onto County Road 7
About 6 mins
go 5.8 km

FROM KITCHENER (back to top)
1. Start North on Conestoga Pkwy

2. Continue onto Regional Road 85
3.6 km

3. At the roundabout, take the 2nd exit onto Arthur St S/Regional Road 85
Continue to follow Arthur St S
17.3 km

4. Turn right onto County Road 17 (signs for Alma/Drayton)
5.8 km

5. Continue onto Peel St W/Regional Road 17
550 m

6-14. Turn left onto Elora St N/Regional Road 7

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Kitchener thumb
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15. Continue onto Wellington Road 109
About 10 mins
go 10.7 km

16. Continue onto Elora St S
About 3 mins
go 2.4 km

17. Continue onto Hwy 9 W
About 26 mins
go 23.7 km

18. Turn left onto County Road 3
About 44 mins
go 34.1 km

19. Turn left onto Bruce-Saugeen Townline
About 6 mins
go 4.3 km

20. Turn right onto unknown road (Camp’s driveway)
About 58 secs
go 500 m

GPS Coordinates: 44.320000,-81.310500

21. Continue (cautiously) on gravel road down into the valley.
About 2 mins
go 950 m


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Paisley thumb
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